How to detect if what’s making you clean is also making you cough, giving you a headache or worse.

We get regular calls from clients wanting to spruce up their showers.

Most of the time they just need a deep cleaning and sealing, something

we accomplish for them in a matter of hours.


Unfortunately sometimes what you think is a really hard to clean grout joint is actually something worse – microbial staining from mildew and mold.

Even though mold and mildew are in the air both in and outside the home when you can visibly see it in your shower it can lead to headaches and respiratory distress among other symptoms.

The moment I see it I ask if anyone in the home is having these symptoms and many have been suffering but never thought their shower could be the culprit.

In order for mold and mildew to grow it needs two things: a water source and food.  While microbials like to eat almost anything it needs a constant source of water.   In a matter of days a few spores floating invisible in the air can colonize into thousands and millions of spores.

But I turn on the vent fan and dry my shower with a squeegee.  Isn’t that’s enough right?

While that works for most, for some it isn’t enough. Cracks in the wall joints where two walls meet or where the wall meets the shower are allowing water and steam to into the walls long enough for mold and mildew to grow and present itself in your grout joints and caulking.

What can you do?

1. Regularly inspect your grout joints.  Make sure there are no visible cracks especially where two walls meet.

2.  Re-caulk if needed.  If you do find a crack you can fix it by removing the bad material and replacing it with a flexible caulking that won’t crack.  We suggest one that has an anti-microbial ingredient in it like Microban

3.  Remediate the problem.  If you think you have a problem talk to someone like us or a trusted contractor.  Likely you can start by doing lighter remediation like apply mildewcides and anti-microbial treatments that can improve the situation.  Just make sure to use the safest products possible and if you need help we have a couple of products we really like.

If you aren’t sure what to look for or need some help call me and I can help you inspect the shower (for free).  I can even make suggestions on what you can do next.  If you aren’t up for weekend warrioring the problem we also have services to replace caulking, treat the wall cracks, fix the staining, clean the showers and seal them up so they not only look great but make your shower a healthier place to be.

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