Ceramic Tile


DeSitter Flooring offers a tremendous selection of the latest tile colors, designs and textures for your floors and walls.

Ceramic tile is versatile, durable, and beautiful. It is made of porous clay, sealed with a glaze. Ceramic tile is easy to maintain and is scratch, stain and moisture-resistant. It can be used in an assortment of residential and commercial applications. Porcelain tiles are made of sand and are typically denser, with a low water absorption rate. They are perfect for use in colder areas and outdoor areas like pools and patios.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are available in a variety of sizes and can be arranged in various patterns to create unique designs to fit your personality.

Your choices are limited only by your imagination. Take time to browse and dream when you visit our showrooms. A DeSitter consultant can help you select the perfect tile for your home.

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