Caress® Carpet from Shaw Flooring

DeSitter Flooring is proud to offer Caress® Carpet from Shaw Flooring.

“From color inspiration through soft fiber innovation, we’ve built a collection of products worthy for your home, but we know that’s not all you’re looking for. Flooring is an investment that will be the stage where your life happens over the next few years, so you definitely want to make a good decision.

The shopping experience with the Caress collection is designed to be easy. In store you’ll find 50 colors in a variety of styles in various weights and CARESS: A COLLECTION FULL OF ASSURANCE textures. Choose your color and style and ask for a take-home swatch. You’ll be able to color match against other design elements like furniture, paint and wall coverings.

The entire Caress collection is made with soft Anso® nylon. For more than40 years, families just like yours have trusted carpets made with Anso nylon to stand up to their busy lifestyles. With
more than 1 billion yards sold, it’s a proven name you can trust!”
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